Scream Ghostface Horror Candle

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When you are looking for a haunted candle, can we agree that you want something that captivates everyone and gets their attention?

We can guarantee it with the Scream Ghostface Horror Candle! You want unique?  This holds a hidden horror inside!

Here is what you get:

  • Haunted Tree Candle 12" Tall;
  • Oozing tree wax, dripping down;
  • Hidden Scream Stalker inside slowly revealed; 
  • Unique, frightening and different with every melt!   

The Scream Ghostface Candle remains become a horrible ONE OF A KIND EACH TIME!

A must have for any Halloween Collector. Use when ready to excite a crowd!

The Scream Ghostface Candle: It's Oozing With Terror!