Mr Happy Candy Creep

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Mr Happy Candy Creep 

The Mr Happy Candy Creep Animated Halloween prop features:

  • Life-sized, sinister hump-backed old man; 6.5 ft tall;
  • Short gray hair and matching bushy eyebrows;
  • Wears a blood-spattered red & white striped carnival jacket;
  • Stained dingy white-collared shirt with black tie, black pants and black shoes.

This Mr Happy Candy Creep carnival, circus guy is bending over and offering a large colorful lollipop to unsuspecting children.  Meanwhile, behind his back is a large bloody faux-wood mallet!

  • His strange yellow eyes light up;
  • His torso rocks from side to side;
  • His jaw moves as he speaks 5 phrases to draw your attention.

Easy assembly and convenient activation options includes a Step Here Pad.

Multiple activation options: Steady-on, Infra-red, or Step-Here Pad (included)
Power source: UL power adapter