About Us



Personal Note 

I'm John, and my love for Halloween is fueled by the captivating artistry and creativity shared by many others like myself. However, it didn't quite begin that way for me.

During my early childhood, Halloween meant the thrill of dressing up and collecting candy. Despite my love for trick-or-treating, anything remotely spooky or scary would petrify me.

One vivid memory stands out: as a young child, dressed in my costume and ready to utter "trick or treat," I was startled by the cackling of a witch in a rocking chair, accompanied by eerie music. Overwhelmed, I turned on my heels, tears streaming down my face, and rushed back to my mother. 

Our History

Ironically, Halloween, which once stirred fear in me, has transformed into a source of excitement. It's from this newfound enthusiasm that the concept of House Of Hauntz was born.

Since our haunting journey began in 2010, we've proudly stood as a preferred haunt haven for thrill-seeking enthusiasts.

Originally, we ventured into the Halloween realm by selling a variety of items on third-party platforms. As our passion for haunting grew, so did our vision, leading us to launch our online platform in January 2017.

Our Values

Our values are clear: to provide an online, user-friendly website for the neighborhood home haunter that seeks affordable, professional quality Halloween animatronics, props, and masks that cater to the art of haunting.  We're here to make your Halloween unforgettable; to capture the magic, preserve those memories, and pump up the volume in making Halloween fun for everyone!

Our Mission

Since our inception, our mission has been to dedicate ourselves to offering haunt enthusiasts a commitment to:

  • reliability
  • dependability
  • exceptional customer service

In conclusion, this journey represents our steadfast passion for the haunting genre, making it an immersive experience for every fan.

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