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House Of Hauntz

Featuring Home & Professional Animated Halloween Props, Halloween Animatronics, Costume Masks & more, the House Of Hauntz likes the Haunter seeking the latest, most popular & quality Haunted House props on the market.

We provide you a place to purchase these props and work with the largest & fastest distributor of Halloween props in the country.  We know we can assure you "screaming" satisfaction!

We feature:

  • Competitive, lower pricing;
  • Quality selection;
  • Responsive and friendly service;
  • Special Promotions;
  • An easy ordering process.

Since 2010, we have taken pride in ourselves with reliable & proven, top-rated customer service, treating you as we would treat ourselves.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quick response @ Contact Us.

Thank you for your business and remember to make every scream count!