About Us

 Since 2010, House Of Hauntz has become a fast-growing online prop shop featuring Home & Professional Animated Halloween Props, Halloween Animatronics, Costume Masks & more. The House Of Hauntz likes the Haunter seeking the latest, most popular & quality Haunted House props on the market and we have it here.

Halloween animatronics are becoming increasingly popular not only in professional haunted houses, but now more and more readily available for your very own home! Our website has a wide selection and offers you affordable Halloween props you want as you plan for your next professional, home or neighborhood haunt.  

We work with the largest & fastest distributor of Halloween props in the country so we can assure you "screaming" satisfaction!

So, do you like giving that one good scare, getting ready for a night of trick or treating or haunted housing? Take some time to look around at the House Of Hauntz: Where Every Scream Counts!