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Founder's Note

During my early childhood, Halloween meant the thrill of dressing up and collecting candy. Despite my love for trick-or-treating, anything remotely spooky or scary would petrify me!


One vivid memory stands out: as a young child, dressed in my costume and ready to utter "trick or treat," I was startled by the cackling of a witch in a rocking chair, accompanied by eerie music. Overwhelmed, I turned on my heels, tears streaming down my face, and rushed back to my mother.


Ironically, Halloween , which once stirred fear in me, has transformed into a source of excitement and thus, House Of Hauntz was born. Since 2010, eBay House Of Hauntz has been a top choice for high-quality, affordable Halloween animatronics, props, and masks. 


Our Vision:

To become a leading provider of Halloween animatronics, props, and masks, setting the standard for quality, service and providing a seamless customer experience for the neighborhood home haunter.

Our Mission:

To make every Halloween unforgettable by providing the best in haunting essentials, to ensure Halloween is enjoyable and fun for everyone by offering high-quality, affordable products, and to continuously enhance and innovate our products to exceed customer expectations and create memorable experiences.


As we journey forward, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Join us at House Of Hauntz and let's make this Halloween the most thrilling yet!


John, Founder & Managing Director