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Latex, Fake Blood & Removers

Latex, theatrical fake blood, and makeup removers are essential for realistic Halloween costumes. Latex creates durable prosthetic pieces, while fake blood adds convincing gore effects. Makeup removers safely remove makeup, blood, and latex. These products are easy to use and skin-friendly, perfect for horror characters or creative designs. Achieve detailed looks with latex and blood, and remove them effortlessly with makeup removers, ensuring a safe and easy Halloween transformation.

  • Halloween Zombie Makeup Kit

    Halloween Zombie Makeup Kit

      Dive into the heart of horror with our Halloween Zombie Makeup Kit, your ultimate accessory to transform into the undead. This comprehensive kit is packed with everything you need to craft your custom gruesome masterpiece. Whether you're aiming...

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  • Circus Clown Makeup Kit Circus Clown Makeup Kit

    Circus Clown Makeup Kit

    Dive into the captivating world of eerie entertainment with our Circus Clown Makeup Kit, the ultimate gateway to unleashing your inner spooky clown. Whether you're aiming to be the center of attention at the next Halloween party or adding an...

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  • Fake Vomit 1oz Jar Fake Vomit 1oz Jar

    Fake Vomit 1oz Jar

    Unleash the Ghastly Realism: Fake Vomit Makeup Unleash your darkest, most spine-chilling fantasies with our Fake Vomit Makeup, designed to elevate your exorcistic or zombie ensemble to a whole new level of horror. Dive into the macabre world of...

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  • Spirit Gum & Remover

    Spirit Gum & Remover

    Any aesthetic is within reach when you have this spirit gum combo kit in your toolbox. Enhance the look of your Halloween costume when you use this adhesive to attach facial hair, artificial noses, gory wounds and more. At the end of the night, simply...

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  • Bottle Of Blood FX (1 Pint) Stage Theater

    Bottle Of Blood FX (1 Pint) Stage Theater

    Bottle Of Blood FX (1 Pint) Stage Theater - This one pint of high-quality blood FX solution is designed to create realistic and captivating special effects on stage. Crafted to flow just like real blood, it adds an unparalleled level of authenticity to...

    MSRP: 49.99
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