Dawn Of The Dead Roger Pillow Pal

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Dawn Of The Dead Roger Pillow Pal

Meet Dawn Of The Dead Roger Pillow Pal. He features:

  • Full size prop replica,
  • Roger - Character from George Romero's original Dawn of the Dead film,
  • Prop head on bed pillow - the look is after he has become a Zombie.

Story by Fandom: 

"Roger was one of the survivors of the undead apocalypse who took refuge in a secluded shopping mall. 

When the some of the survivors decide they need to clear the mall's zombie infestation, Roger goes out into the zombie-infested parking lot and hot-wire's a semi-truck from a nearby warehouse. They use these trucks to block off the mall entrance, but while doing this, Roger becomes arrogant and reckless, thus bitten on the arm and leg.

As a result, the survivors care for the ailing Roger, however, Roger makes a last request to his friend Peter to kill him if he comes back as a zombie, moments before he dies. Roger's corpse then reanimates and gets up, forcing Peter to kill him. He was later buried inside the mall by the group."

(c)1978 2018 New Amsterdam Ent/MKR.

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