Dead Walkers Digital Decor

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Dead Walkers Digital Decor

(Volume 2)

Dead Walkers Volume 2 features:

Aggressive Zombie makeup by Aleah Kraft, a professional in the film industry;

35 scenes: a variety of shots and backgrounds, inside and outside.

  • 1-6 Zombies stalking,;
  • Looking out windows;
  • Zombies crawling out of graves in several variations;
  • Crawling on the floor;
  • Scenes enhanced with drifting fog and ground fog;
  • Some stunning movie-style shots!

Hang a white screen in a window and using a projector you can project video onto your screen for a very realistic illusion.

Several brighter-lit versions are included for small projectors, as well as a couple of vertically-framed options for tall windows or glass-front doors.

Studio Production by Jon Hyers. Video FX for Halloween! No license required for Commercial Attractions.

NOTE: You can also show these on your television!

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