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Power Supplies

Power supplies electrify your Halloween creations with ease. Our solutions breathe life into your spooky visions, ensuring they shine with eerie brilliance. From animatronic monsters to glowing haunted houses, our power supplies are the backbone of your electrifying magic. Trust us to power your Halloween dreams into reality.

  • AC Adapter Australia 230V 50Hz

    AC Adapter Australia 230V 50Hz

    AC Adapter Australia 230V 50Hz Upgrade your Halloween experience with the AC Adapter Australia 230V 50Hz. Don't let power limitations haunt your spooky setup. Transform your decorations into a bone-chilling spectacle with this essential accessory...

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  • AC Adapter UK 220V

    AC Adapter UK 220V

    AC Adapter UK 220V Looking to breathe life into your Halloween props and animatronics with an electrifying spark? Look no further! Our AC Adapter UK 220V is the key to transforming your Halloween display into a spine-tingling spectacle that will leave...

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  • Professional FX Projector Kit

    Professional FX Projector Kit

    This ProFX Projector Kit allows you to project DVDs, videos, and images via front or rear projection, giving your home an eye-catching live action feel! Kit includes everything you need to create a professional-looking projection display. Great for...

    MSRP: 259.99
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